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Technique: 11/0 glass beads pressed with special epoxy glue on a realistic resin and fiberglass sculpture.

◇ Dimensions: 34 x 45 x 14 cm. - 13,38x 17,7 x 5,5 in.

◇ Processing time: 5 days.

◇ Authorship: Sculpture studio by Matsoart and teacher Aristeo Carrillo Rivera.

- Unique piece.
- Includes certificate of authenticity.

Sculpture commissioned by the visual artist Aristeo Carrillo Rivera to the Matsoart sculpture workshop, born from the idea of ​​a cat mold enriched with long tale, to be later lined instead of the skin of a real puma, with a mantle of crystals Czechoslovaks for months of work pressed into active meditation by the visionary artist of the Wixárika community of Tatéi-kie.

Huichol Art : " Radiant Cat"

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