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huichol yarn painting

The process of making a work takes an average of 1 week, entirely designed by hand with the best materials and there are on average 50,000 beads needed to make 1 piece.

We send our customers photos and videos of the evolution of the part they have selected so that we can follow its evolution and have a personalized feeling about it, we think it is important

huichol artist making a beaded jaguar
huichol art shipped worldwide

We take special care in the packaging and protection of the shipment of your Huichol work of art that we enclose with a kit (container, beads, glue and needle) because given that we are committed to guaranteeing 100% arrival of the room


It take another week to send the piece of work so that's why its about 15/20 days to get the piece to its destination

USPS as regular shipping method DHL express
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