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huichol art

Who we are?

The "Matsoart" project is born from the fraternal links that we have established with the Huichol tribe located in the heart of Mexico. Matsoa and his relatives live in perfect harmony with nature, following the traditions of their ancestors. They have been making works of art for thousands of years as an offering to the spirits of nature. Ten years ago, we decided to make these works of art known to the world with two objectives: to share the Huichol culture and to preserve the ancestral way of life of the tribe. During our trip, we met Mr. and Mrs. Negrin (Wixarika Research Center - Non-Profit), who motivated us to achieve our vision


We have thus established a cooperative system with the tribe based on fair trade, respect and trust. Thanks to the extraordinary support and love of everyone we met and the tremendous achievements we have made in preserving Huichol traditions, we have decided to introduce them to the world. These works of art are created by the best art designers in the tribe. Our cooperative system aims to ensure that every tribe member earns a fair wage, which helps the entire Huichol community. MatsoArt exclusively offers unique pieces, with a certificate of authenticity, that you will not find anywhere else, perfect for interior decoration, ideal for classy and tasteful gifts, which will give your interior a touch of distinction. We ship worldwide.

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